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Complete online booking through the our website "Book Now"
The system will ask for credit card information to complete the booking confirmation guarantee.
No advance deposit required

Reservation deposit remittance account

Remittance Bank: Renai Wushe Post Office (700)
Remittance account number: 0401297-0135296
Account Name: Xu Tong Guili

ATM inter-bank transfer: follow the instructions and enter the bank code: 700
Transfer to account number: 0401297-0135296 and then enter the transfer amount to complete

After the transfer or remittance, please indicate the "booking date" and "name" on the remittance receipt, fax or email it to this villa, and the booking process will be completed.
The fax number of this villa is 049-2803238. If the deposit is not remitted on time after three days, the booked room will be automatically cancelled.​

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Check-in instructions

​♦Check in time (check in): PM 15:00
♦Check out time (check out): AM 11:00
♦Breakfast time: AM 07:00 to 09:00
♦If the check out time is exceeded: AM11:00, guests who check out will be charged an additional 50% of the room rate.
♦Bookers need to check in before 22:00 pm on the day of check-in. Overtime bookings will be automatically cancelled and the deposit will not be refunded. (If there are special circumstances, the arrival time must also be notified by phone).
♦The night room service of the villa is provided until 22:00. In case of emergency, you can call the counter of the villa to provide assistance.
♦No smoking is allowed in all guest rooms. For public and personal safety, it is forbidden to cook food in the room. Guests are requested to cooperate. To
♦The resort is strictly prohibited from taking illegal drugs and music parties (partying). If something happens, it will report to the police and immediately ask for check-out and compensation.
♦After 11 o'clock in the evening, in order to ensure the peace of the residents, please refrain from making loud noises and noises.
♦No smoking, no pets.

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Extra bed description

♦Charging methods for extra person and extra bed:
There is no charge for those under 110 cm.
No extra bed over 110 cm will be charged 500 yuan, and extra bed will be charged 800 yuan.
※No extra bed will be charged 500 yuan, including breakfast and cleaning fees.
※The extra bed charge is 800 yuan including breakfast, mattress, quilt, pillow and cleaning fee.
Note: There is no electric blanket service for extra beds

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How to deal with lost items

If the guest loses an item, the hotel will contact the guest to confirm the handling method of the lost item.
♦If the guest cannot be contacted, the lost property will be kept for three days, and it will not be held responsible for custody after the expiry date.
♦If it is necessary to return the lost property to the guest, the shipping cost incurred by the delivery will be borne by the guest.

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Attentive service

♦Free wireless Internet access in the lobby, observation deck, and guest rooms.
♦Provide delicious light breakfast service
♦Provide tourism, surrounding food and catering information services
♦Provide traffic information service

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Relevant instructions for changing the reservation

♦ Within 3 days of the registration date (excluding the check-in day), order cancellation or order extension will not be accepted, except for the influence of force majeure.
♦The extension period (10 days before) is changed once, and the retention period for the deposit is one year. No refunds will be accepted for postponed orders.
♦Special cancellation processing (due to force majeure)
If force majeure occurs at the location of the hotel on the day of registration, if an earthquake causes traffic interruption, or the Central Meteorological Bureau issues a land-based typhoon warning, etc. (based on the status issued by the county and city government where the hotel is located), please contact our customer service by phone Staff, this villa can accept reservation extension or cancellation, and the paid deposit can be retained indefinitely; if a refund is required, the handling fee will be deducted, and the balance will be refunded to the person who booked the room.

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Notice for cancellation of reservation

1. If the guest cancels the reservation on the day of accommodation or stays as scheduled, 100% of the room rate will be deducted.
2. If the guest cancels the reservation one to three days before the check-in date, 70% of the room rate will be deducted.
3. If the guest cancels the reservation four to six days before the check-in date, 50% of the room rate will be deducted.
4. If the guest cancels the reservation seven days before the check-in date, the cancellation is free. .
*Remind you! Please be sure to read the following booking instructions carefully before you remit. If you have any doubts about the following regulations, it is recommended that you call the hotel reservation team in advance to confirm before making the remittance. Your rights have been protected.