We can help you book transportation, pick up and rent a car, so that you can go to Cingjing for a good vacation without driving your own car!!
Shared ride price: must match the shared ride time.

Fares are calculated per person


●Taichung High Speed Rail:

  【Taichung High Speed Rail Wuri Station→Star Villa 】
   AM10:30 (NT 500)
   PM15:00 (NT 500)

  【Star Villa → High Speed Rail Taichung Wuri Station】
   AM09:00 (NT 500)
   PM13:30 (NT 500)


●Taichung Railway Station

【Taichung Railway Station→Star Villa】
   AM11:00 (NT 550)
   PM15:30 (NT 550)

  【Star Villa → Taichung Railway Station】
   AM09:00 (NT 550)
   PM13:30 (NT 550)


●sun moon lake

【Sun Moon Lake Shuishe Wharf → Star Villa 】
   AM11:00 (NT 500)
   PM16:00 (NT 500)


【Star Villa →Sun Moon Lake Shuishe Wharf】
   AM09:00 (NT 500)
   PM13:30 (NT 500)


Remind you that there will be an error of 30 minutes before and after the shared ride time. If you have time considerations, it is recommended to choose a chartered car
The above quotation does not include the Chinese 
New Year period
Please make an appointment for the pick-up time two days in advance to arrange a parking space, thank you