Qingjing Star Resort is located a hundred meters above the Guomin Hotel commercial district. It is regarded as the center of Qingjing Farm. Qingjing Grassland, Small Swiss Garden, 7-11 Image Commercial District and many other well-known scenic spots in Qingjing are available. It's easy to reach by walking, and it can be said to be the most convenient homestay in Cingjing Farm area.

The rooms are divided into two areas: [Constellation Theme Pavilion] and [Solar System Theme Pavilion]. In addition to different rooms having their own theme features, almost all rooms can directly enjoy the views of the mountains and the ever-changing climate changes of nature.

Cingjing B&B is rarely like the Star Resort. It faces the west and is not blocked by buildings. It has the best angle to watch the sunset. Sometimes when the sea of clouds rises, the rays of light shine on the sea of clouds. It is as if people have forgotten where they are; when they look up at the starry sky at night, the whole night sky is filled with stars, making people reluctant to fall asleep.

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