【Equipment Upgrade Electric Vehicle Charging Service】

Star Villa has added electric vehicle charging equipment, which can provide passengers with a better service experience
Through the installation of charging stations, we has been upgraded to a safe and tram-friendly environment.
Because the parking space is limited, only guests of our homestay can use it

[Swiss Garden Tickets]

Star Villa sells tickets for Swiss Garden

Price NT$100/person (original price NT$120-150/person)

【Restaurants around Cingjing】

Some restaurants provide "free round-trip transfer" service, you don't need to drive, you can also have a meal with family and friends ~

[Cingjing District Holiday Emergency Medical Aid Station]

8 kilometers away from Taiwan 14 A Line

【Outpatient Schedule】
From 8:00 pm on the day before national holidays and Sundays to 8:00 pm on closing holidays
The emergency department is fully open during resident hours.

The emergency department is fully open during the resident hours, and other holidays follow the time listed above
Please bring your health insurance IC card and ID card. If you are a citizen of Renai Township, please show your ID card
Tel: (049) 2802507 (24 special lines during holidays)

Free registration fee for local residents and employees of Cingjing Farm
Emergency registration fee 150 yuan

[Emergency Medical Aid Station]